Dizayn Klinik

We Are Waiting You to Create Your Happy New Smile . .You can get a new brand smile design in our clinic which has high technology systems and 15 years of experience while having your holiday with the magnificent nature of Antalya and luxurious holiday opportunities.We offer the best facilities to patients by travelling to Antalya, Turkey. You could enjoy a wonderful holiday while also getting the necessary treatment. In Turkey, dental treatment costs much lower. Therefore, our patients can benefit from the highest quality dental treatment peace of mind. We will keep the overall costs of procedures as low as possible. You can save thousands of dollars, pounds or euros in our clinic combined with a sunny beach holiday.Our rates are particularly advantageous to patients seeking cosmetic dental treatments that may require high level dental products. The same procedures could cost tens of thousands elsewhere in Europe or America.What’s more, you can also enjoy a great holiday while undergoing treatment. Contacting us is very easy. You can arrange the holiday in advance and call us to book an appointment with a dental specialist on a convenient day. If you are not sure how to make arrangements, we can always provide assistance.  Dental DesignTurkey has a team of patient coordinators experienced in making travel arrangements. We will help you to find reasonable price flights to Antalya ,Turkey where our clinic is located. Once we find budget flights, we offer you the details so you can make an online booking without delay. (Unfortunately, we are unable to book the flights on your behalf due to security reasons. We cannot accept credit or debit card information over the phone to finalise the booking for you). Don’t worry about running into trouble when making the online booking; our patient coordinators can walk you through the process. We will handle the more troublesome aspects of planning international travel. We also offer free VIP airport transfer that you will have a driver waiting at the arrivals terminal to take you to your holiday resort or vacation rental. And transportation will be availble between hotel and clinic during your treatment sessions.  We are committed to make your visit to Turkey as comfortable as possible. If you require assistance when booking holiday accommodation, use one of our recommendations. Our clinic is affiliated with a variety of vacation accommodation facilities in Turkey. We can help you book the accommodation of your preference, whether it is a luxury hotel or a budget resort. Depending on your inclinations, our patient coordinators will help you pick up suitable accommodation and make reservations on your behalf. You can pay upon arrival. We do not charge a service fee or a commission for any travel-related service we offer. Your payment will be made directly to the hotel.You can consult with our patient coordinators or one of our dentists to learn how long your dental treatment will take, in order for you to make vacation plans in advance. Most treatments take 5 days which includes 3 appointments at the clinic.  Some patients prefer to stay longer to benefit from post-treatment care. You can decide how long you want to stay with advice from your dentist. Once you arrive in Turkey, you will be transferred to your holiday accommodation. You can sleep off the jet lag and come in for a consultation afterwards. Once the preliminary consultation is complete, your dentist will proceed with your treatment right away. Uncomplicated treatments like professional tooth whitening can be completed on the same day. Cosmetic Procedures like Dental Crowns or Dental Veneers take 5 days. If you require surgical treatments, such as implants, you will need to visit Turkey twice or thrice depending on your condition.We assure you that your stay in Turkey will be free of unwanted hassle regarding the treatment. You can enjoy your holiday while our expert team of dentists, specialists, and support personnel take care of your medi

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